How Often Should You Update Your Business's Website?

How Often Should You Update Your Business Website?

by Nov 19, 2018

Good web design, even for a small business, isn’t cheap. Yes, you can buy a cheap website, but going that route is likely to be unsuccessful and probably won’t generate the type of result that engages your audience. So, you pay a bit more to get a good website, but how long is that design good for? At what point should you start thinking about updating it?

Regular Updates

When you launch a new site, there’s a good chance that not every single feature and/or section you wanted launched with it. That’s pretty normal. If you have a good relationship with your web developer, you’ll both know what the roadmap is for putting the remaining pieces of the puzzle in place as time goes on.

Regularly updating your website with new content, pages, photos, and functionality is an important part of keeping your site looking fresh and engaging for your visitors and customers. It also shows search engines that your site is active and worthy of being re-indexed on a regular basis.

These kinds of updates are not the same thing as a complete site overhaul, and should be budgeted for as an ongoing expense. If you’re working with a third party developer and not an in-house resource, site updates can often be rolled into a monthly maintenance contract.

The Complete Overhaul

A complete redesign of your website needs to happen far less frequently. For a small business, a good yardstick is to think about doing a website overhaul once every 3-5 years.

Why? Because web design and technology changes a lot in that span of time, and to ensure your site keeps pace with those advancements, you’ll need to invest in an upgrade.

For example, earlier this year Google launched mobile-first indexing. Broadly speaking, this gives websites that are optimized for mobile devices a ranking advantage over those that are not mobile responsive:

Business owners who hadn’t converted their sites to be mobile responsive were suddenly discovering that they weren’t ranking as well as they used to in some cases, and it was because their websites hadn’t been updated.

Budget Accordingly

Knowing in advance that you need to budget for both regular site updates and a complete redesign every few years should help take the sting out of the cost. Many business owners simply don’t realize that paying for a new website is not a “one time deal” that will last for the entire lifetime of their company.

By setting money aside ahead of time for changes, you’ll ensure that your site stays current and relevant to both your audience and the search tools they use to find you. If you have questions about updating your business’s website, please contact us today to learn more or get help.

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