How To Build A Website That Engages Your Audience

How To Build A Website That Engages Your Audience

by | Jul 16, 2018

Audience engagement is a constant struggle for businesses trying to acquire customers through their websites. Whether you have a service-based business or sell physical products (or both), once you’ve found a way to generate traffic to your site, the next challenge is keeping visitors there and engaging them with your brand.

One of most common mistakes that business owners make when building a new website is to go all-in on making the website all about their business. There’s a fine line between creating a website that provides helpful information and one that is excessively self-promotional, and the difference can mean visitor abandonment and lost business if you’re not careful.

Give Your Visitors What They Want

What do you visitors want? Ninety-nine times out of one hundred, your visitors want basic information. Whether they’re looking for your location, hours, or product and service offerings–it’s critical to make sure that all these key pieces of information are quickly accessible from every part of your website.

It’s alarming how many websites for businesses large and small stumble on this first hurdle, and end up losing customers simply because they couldn’t get the basics right. If a visitor to your website has to click more than a couple times to find what they’re looking for, there’s a good chance they’ll go somewhere else instead.

Create Reasons To Come Back

Not every visitor to you website is looking to make a purchase on their first (or fifth, or fiftieth) visit, but if you create compelling content that gives them a reason to come back, whether it’s for information, entertainment, or both, it keeps your brand top of mind.

The content you create will depend on the type of business you have, but things like blog posts, videos, social media posts, or more in-depth material like guides and white papers can all work together to entice visitors to return.

Resist Overpromotion

Many business owners, when building a new website, suddenly develop an odd and irrational fear that the people who visit it will somehow completely forget about their business unless there’s a huge logo, popup, and/or call-to-action on every page.

The real secret to engaging an audience isn’t to inundate them at every turn, but to instead impress them with your professionalism, knowledge, and quality of products and services. Doing that will create a much more positive and lasting impression than pestering your visitors to sign up for your newsletter every fifteen seconds.

The Audience Perspective

When you set out on your journey to create a new website, the best perspective you can adopt is that of the people you want to attract. Balancing all the various components to ensure that your brand is well represented, while also providing enough information to visitors in a simple and elegant way, is not easy.

By keeping your audience in mind though, you’ll be much less prone to making the kinds of mistakes that will drive visitors (and new business) away. Think of the websites you use and rely on every day–do you like them? Why? How could they be better? Answer those questions and let them inform the build of your website.

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