Are Blog Posts Only Useful For SEO?

Are Blog Posts Only Useful For SEO?

by | Nov 5, 2018

Every day, millions of new pieces of content are published online. A significant chunk of that content takes the form of blog posts (just like this one) that individuals and businesses publish with the hope of their content being indexed and ranked by the major search engines.

But would we all continue publishing our content if there wasn’t a chance of getting indexed, ranked, and click-throughs? Would our content still have a purpose? More importantly – would that purpose be cost beneficial?

Unfortunately, we may all find out a lot sooner than we’d like. The future of SEO is looking murkier every year, and it may not be long before only an elite few at the very top of the content creation game are able to continue generating meaningful benefits from organic search results.

However, there are still several valid reasons why our content will likely continue to be useful even if the worst-case scenario should occur.

Brand Image And Authority

Having a wealth of useful content on a website promotes a strong brand image and subject matter authority. Even if fewer visitors are hitting our websites overall, those that do have obviously made an effort to get there.

This is actually one of the best arguments for creating even better content. Making a lasting impression that drives repeat visits will become crucial to staying front-of-mind as search engines push to keep traffic on their sites as much as possible.

Direct Communication

Speaking of search engines keeping traffic on their sites, this means that more and more prospective customers will be experiencing a version of our content and brand that we don’t have direct control over.

Obviously, a search results page is not the ideal way for visitors to engage with us. This was not a problem when the search engines were simply providing the most relevant links, and sending people on their way.

Now, the content we create is necessary to communicate the way we want to with our audiences. We want visitors and existing customers to have an experience with our brand that we control, and that doesn’t happen if we all stop making that effort.

Promotion Through Other Channels

While the primary goal of content is typically to rank well in search, there are other channels that we can all use to promote our content.

Social media is the obvious first choice, although different businesses will find that their mileage varies wildly depending on industry and the style of the campaign. Link building, while one of the most difficult ways to obtain and drive traffic, may start to play a more central role as well.

Other ways to promote content include video, offline media, and even good old fashioned word of mouth.

Start Getting Ready Now

Organic traffic isn’t going away overnight, but for those of us who depend heavily on the world of SEO and content marketing, now is the time to start making plans for what comes next.

It’s going to be a challenge, as many of us have only recently become accustomed to generating business through things like blog posts, video, and social media. But regardless of what the future holds, we all need to be ready to adapt and find a way to succeed.

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