Is Video More Important Than Written Content?

Is Video More Important Than Written Content?

by Jan 7, 2019

One of the questions we’re often asked here at Search Box SEO is how important video is to an effective online marketing strategy. Video has obviously exploded in the last few years as a way for brands and businesses to communicate with prospective customers, but has it surpassed written content in overall marketing importance?

The short answer is no, written content is just as important as ever to an effective content marketing strategy. The long answer is, of course, a bit more nuanced.

What Value Does Video Add?

Before embarking on a video content marketing strategy, ask yourself, “What added value does video bring to the table that written content doesn’t provide?”

In some cases the answer will be clear. A video demonstration or review of a product can be far more effective than a written post alone. For example, a laptop computer review:

In other cases it can be harder to determine if a video is a better choice than just written content. In the following video, see how much of the information presented in just under two minutes you can retain.

It’s debatable that perhaps the content in the above video would have been better in a written format, since so much information is being presented.

Another common use for video is not about the content as much as it is the person or people presenting it. An engaging, fun, and genuine personality can make even the most difficult or mundane topics easier to digest. Bringing content to life in this way is sometimes easier than trying to make the same topic as vibrant in written form.

Good Content Always Wins

The content that is the most important to your business is the the content that brings the most visitors to your website or social media pages, regardless of what form it takes.

The point here is that if your business is creating excellent written content, and just mediocre (or worse) video content, then video is likely not helping your efforts.

Video is not more important simply because it’s video. It’s important if it provides valuable information to your target audience that they can’t get anywhere else.

Getting The Best Of Both Worlds

It’s not uncommon for businesses to decide to pivot from creating one type of content to another. Video gets a tremendous amount of attention, but it’s often most successful when presented as one part of a larger piece of content that includes written content and images as well.

It’s important to remember that different people consume content in different ways. Some people prefer written content, some prefer graphs and charts, and others like videos. The best way to cast the widest net possible in your online marketing efforts is to include multiple media types whenever possible.

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