The Blog Posting Frequency Myth

The Blog Posting Frequency Myth

by | Jul 23, 2018

One of the best ways to generate traffic, build authority, and create positive SEO for your business is to have a fantastic blog. But blogging is often a challenge for businesses, and one of the biggest hurdles is determining the right blog posting frequency.

Should you publish one super long post every month? A couple medium length posts every week? What about a few short posts every day? One of the biggest myths in SEO is that your blog posting frequency directly impacts your search rank.

The truth however, is a bit more nuanced. As the great Rand Fishkin explains on Moz, there are actually several factors you should take into consideration before worrying about blog posting frequency.

Content Quality

This is hands-down the most important aspect of content creation. If you have to choose between creating one amazing piece of content a month, or a handful of mediocre pieces each week, always choose quality over quantity.

There’s no technology secret sauce going on here either, ask yourself if you’d rather read one really good book each month, or several short stories that were just okay?

Most of us would probably choose one good book, and Google operates basically the same way: Google prioritizes quality over quantity. That means it’ll rank a website putting out high quality content infrequently over a similar website putting out low quality content constantly.

Publishing Consistency

It’s a common mistake for those new to content creation to conflate blog posting consistency with blog posting frequency. And in the world of SEO, consistency is a more important factor than frequency.

Why? Because when you’re trying to build a following, it’s important that your readers and subscribers can count on the content you create to be delivered when they expect it. It’s up to you, obviously, to determine how often that will be, but once you’ve set the expectation you have to stick with it or risk losing your audience.

Post Frequency

Finally, we come to blog posting frequency. The reason this is the final consideration is because it will likely be the result of your ability to successfully achieve the first two elements.

If your team can consistently publish high quality content that delivers real value to your audience three times a week, then by all means publish three times a week. If it means you can only post once every five weeks, then do that. Never sacrifice quality or consistency for the sake of frequency.

How Blog Posting Frequency Affects SEO

With all that said, it’s important to understand how your blog posting frequency can affect your SEO, and in turn how fast your website can increase traffic.

Google doesn’t analyze a website and say to itself, “Wow, this website is posting three new articles every day, they must be really important so I’ll rank them at number one.” That’s not a thing. Ever.

What Google does do is look at each new piece of content a site publishes and say “Hey, this article has some really good information about topic xyz, and a lot of people are linking to it from other websites and social media, so I should probably rank it higher than this other article from a year ago that has fewer links and less relevant information.”

That’s a very simple analogy, and it of course assumes the content being published is top notch, but it explains the concept well enough.

The point being that businesses that can consistently and frequently publish high-quality content are more likely to generate traffic faster than those that publish great content once or twice a month, because there’s more content for search engines to analyze and rank.

Creating An Effective Content Strategy

It’s important to understand that creating an effective content marketing strategy doesn’t mean hiring a bunch of freelance writers and shotgunning a bunch of half-assed content all over your company blog and hoping something “hits”.

Creating great content starts with understanding the type of audience you want to attract, and figuring out what subjects are most likely to appeal to them that your business is well positioned to address.

Creating one great post that informs and (hopefully) entertains your website visitors each month is worth a dozen bad blog posts that do the exact opposite.

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