3 Reasons To Keep Publishing Content

3 Reasons To Keep Publishing Content

by | Oct 22, 2018

There’s no shortage of information online about how to get started with content marketing. Blogging, social media, video, white papers – there are lots of opportunities for businesses of any size to create material that attracts, engages, and converts new customers. But is there ever a time when “enough is enough”?

For businesses that have embraced content marketing and have found success, there may come a time when they ask themselves if it’s worth continuing to do. Creating great content is time consuming. It can also be expensive depending on the type and frequency of content being created.

Additionally, there may be the temptation to believe that a business can coast along on its existing content and enjoy all the benefits without having to keep publishing new material.

For those that are questioning if continuing to publish is worth the effort, here are three things to consider before turning off the digital press:

1) Things Are Always Changing

While some industries change more slowly than others, they all change eventually. Keeping up with industry news, trends, and technology is almost reason enough to keep publishing content.

Remember: there’s a difference between publishing less frequently and not at all. Limiting a blog to a handful of relevant, insightful posts each quarter may keep your traffic coming.

2) No One Wants Yesterday’s News

It is an almost universal truth that, when presented with two articles containing approximately the same information, users will choose the more recently published article first. Why? Because no one wants to read information that they perceive might be outdated.

From an SEO perspective, “content freshness” is a ranking factor for most search engines, and letting your content get old may diminish its rank in search results if similar information from other sources is available and more current.

3) Because Someone Else Will

Your competitors won’t stop publishing content just because you do. And guess what? Because of the first two reasons above, visitors that you are getting now will start going elsewhere.

Search results are one of, if not the, most competitive landscapes in the entire world of marketing. A business will only stay on top for as long as it continues to compete. As soon as you walk off the field, a dozen new players will rush in to fill your place.

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